Should My Company Take a Political Stand?

Should My Company Take a Political Stand?

We live in complex times politically and the country is strongly divided on more issues every day. Companies may feel inclined to weigh in on their beliefs about the current political situation but aren’t sure how it will affect their business. While expressing positive company values can be important, it is sometimes best to tread lightly when it comes to taking a political stance.

Consumers are more interested now than ever in hearing a company’s political views but in certain cases it could lead to alienating or angering some audiences. Customers may respond positively to a political stance in some instances but there are also dangers that businesses need to be aware of. People believe that businesses should take action so taking a political stance could generate a lot of interest in your company.

Bigger corporations tend stay on the fence politically but smaller businesses can actually generate more awareness of their brand by being political. One thing to consider however is that taking one side of a debate is likely to cut down your potential audience by a certain amount. Not everyone is going to agree with your political stance and they may avoid buying from you if they are offended by your beliefs or actions.

Remember that one in five consumers have boycotted a brand because of a scandal or negative press. You also need to think about what stakeholders or investors might think of your political stance and how they will react. If people are not already aware of your political beliefs it could have a huge impact on your business’s success.

Taking a political stand can be a risky move and may work for some businesses more than others. In the end you need to weigh the potential costs and benefits to see if it is the right decision.

Sending Your First Newsletter

Sending Your First Newsletter

Email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers and let them know about the important information that you want to share. A newsletter allows you to notify people about special new products, discounts, store events or anything that you want to tell them about your brand. Your very first newsletter can serve as a valuable introduction that will give people an idea of what to expect from your emails in the future.

When creating your first newsletter it is helpful to think about the visual appearance of the content and make sure that it conveys the right tone and is consistent with your brand. You can use the same color scheme, logo and general look for your website so that people can quickly recognize that the email came from you. It should look interesting and visually appealing so that people don’t end up deleting or skipping over the email because it seems boring.

Your first newsletter can include some introductory information, thanking the reader for signing up and giving them a general idea of what your company is and what you do. You should make sure that the information you convey is concise and direct, rather than long and rambling which could deter readers. It needs to also contain information that is useful to them and will keep them continuing to read your future emails.

Your newsletter should include some links either to your website, blog or any popular content that you think your readers would want to see. Most importantly it should advertise something and entice readers to buy or look at more products on your site. You can highlight a new product or a popular standby that you think will interest people.

When you send your first newsletter think about creating content that people will want to read and keep reading because it offers something useful for them.

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What Your Company Should be Doing on YouTube

What Your Company Should be Doing on YouTube

Many businesses don’t realize the enormous potential that YouTube can have for marketing online. Having a YouTube channel gives you opportunities to reach a wider audience and communicate directly to customers with information that they value. With compelling content you can increase your viewers, build up your brand and get more people to click through to your website.

The most effective YouTube channels follow a few different strategies in order to get the most out of their video marketing efforts. One thing to focus on is creating a substantial volume of content on your channel so that you can increase your viewership. With only a few videos people might lose interest or not take your brand as seriously.

With increasing volume it is still very important to focus on the quality of the content as you publish on a regular basis. You don’t want to overload people with too much at once, but simply post at regular intervals so that you build up the volume gradually and keep people interested. You can pick a few key areas where you feel that you can provide useful information, entertainment or something of value and create more content within those larger categories.

Another useful strategy on YouTube to get content seen by a wider audience is to collaborate with another brand. Working with someone else who has a similar audience to you can help you get more exposure and they will benefit by getting exposure to your audiences. Collaboration can be an organic way to build viewership and increase your credibility.

One of the most important strategies on YouTube is to create a sense of consistency in your content so that it represents your brand. Posting regularly with a consistent tone and style lets people know who you are and what to expect from your business.

Is the Gaming World the Last Marketing Frontier?

Is the Gaming World the Last Marketing Frontier?

The world of video games has changed dramatically in the past 20 years and now with new virtual and mobile games it has opened up more opportunities for advertising. Recently, mobile games generated about $46.1 billion in revenue or about 42 percent of the market compared with consoles and PC games. The demographics for games, especially mobile ones, are much broader now than they were back in the 80s and 90s.

Video games can offer advertisers a chance to reach a wide and varied audience that downloads mobile apps on their phone. Mobile apps can earn big money and marketers that place an advertisement in a mobile game can get millions of views for their ad easily. Free mobile games tend to make money by selling advertising space to businesses or including product placements within their games.

Businesses are also creating their own games or mobile apps as a way to advertise themselves through gaming. IKEA recently developed an augmented reality tool that allows users to virtually place a piece of furniture in their home to see what it looks like. The restaurant chain Chipotle also created a game called “the Scarecrow” in which users helped to break up a monopoly.

These kinds of games help businesses connect with customers while promoting the brand’s values and providing something either entertaining or useful. Another marketing technique is including in-game ads within the video game’s world. User’s will see the ad in the game’s story mode or while they are walking around in a role playing game.

Video games can offer potential for advertising to a diverse audience. Companies that want to expand their reach and try new marketing techniques might benefit from exploring the world of creating mobile apps and placing in-game ads.

Yes Huge Brands are Using Tumblr and You Should Too

Yes Huge Brands are Using Tumblr and You Should Too

Most businesses marketing online focus on the traditional types of social media that everyone is expected to spend a lot of time on such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Now big brands are branching out to different platforms that can be equally effective such Tumblr. Even major businesses and corporations are incorporating Tumblr into their marketing and they are getting surprisingly great results.

For those not familiar with Tumblr, it is a social blogging and sharing platform that is growing rapidly with some of the wealthiest user groups. Although fewer people use Tumblr than platforms like Facebook they do tend to spend more time consuming and sharing content on it. Tumblr users also fall into the very desirable demographic of millennials between the ages of 16-34.

Major brands like IBM, Glamour, Keds, Vans and even Coca-Cola have their own Tumblr sites where they share and interact with consumers. They can push new products, post content linking back to their site and reach people through interesting visual posts. One thing to keep in mind about Tumblr is that it is important to find out if your target demographic hangs out there because it is more useful for specific groups.

Tumblr is beneficial to brands because it is an extremely visual platform and allows them to tailor their content to their audience. Bigger brands tend to use Tumblr to spread information and awareness but not oversell to their target audience. Tumblr offers the use of tagging and labeling to make content searchable and more easy to find online.

Although Tumblr may not be as popular a social media platform as Facebook or Instagram, it can be a useful addition to any advertising campaign. If your target audience hangs out on Tumblr then it can be a big boost to your business.

Battling the Bots

Battling the Bots

Internet robots or bots are used to perform repetitive jobs or send automatic interactions online. Recent studies have shown that bots now account for more activity on Twitter than humans. The majority of all tweets that share links to popular websites and articles, about 66 percent, are actually shared by bots.

The most active bots on Twitter are responsible for 22 percent of all tweeted links which means that they produce four times as many tweets as the average human user. The findings suggest that bots have taken over Twitter with the amount of link sharing tweets that they are posting online. Even more alarming is that bots account for 89 percent of the links shared to news sites like Google news.

Bots can be used to manipulate the algorithms that news sites use to determine the links to articles that people see in their newsfeed. News stories then can quickly go viral and be significantly affected by link-sharing bots that are manipulating what people see online. If the goal of certain bots is political propaganda they may be able to influence what people read and what their opinions are on certain subjects.

Studies of the 2016 elections suggested that bots generated tweets promoting certain candidates. Although most bots tend to be ideologically mixed, they can have specific political agendas and a goal in mind as far the news stories and articles they are sharing. It is even possible for foreign governments to use bots as online propaganda tools in order to cause problems within the United States.

Bots can be a serious issue of integrity on the internet if they have the power of making certain stories seem more popular than others. They may have the ability to sway people’s opinion by dictating what information is exposed to them. It is something to consider for those who are concerned about the possible negative influence of bots online.

Give Your Existing Content a Facelift

Give Your Existing Content a Facelift

Although your focus in marketing may be to always continue creating new content, there are some benefits to revamping old content. Some of your best content may perform well and get tons of qualified traffic but it is no longer affecting your ranking. Other content may be under performing and not helping your website in any way.

Making a few changes to old content can help you boost your ranking again and get better performance out of content that hasn’t had much impact. It can be helpful to revitalize old content because Google likes to see that content is current and has been more recently published. Old content may not perform well in the search engine results simply because it isn’t recent enough to get a good ranking.

Re-publishing old content with some changes can give you a quick boost in your ranking and even help double your traffic. When you update the publish date on an old blog post Google will recognize it as new content and give your site a higher ranking accordingly. You can keep content fresh by changing its format such as turning a blog with high traffic into a YouTube video or turning a video into a blog.

Diversifying one piece of content by changing it into different formats online is an easy way to keep content that performs well and take full advantage of it. You can also make changes for old content that didn’t perform as well using strategies that you have more experience with now. You may be able to get more results out of underperforming content by retooling it and publishing it again.

Although much of your old content can still be useful you do not need to re-publish everything. Choose content that you believe is still relevant and will work to boost your ranking again if you bring it back and you will see better results.

GDPR Updates

GDPR Updates

Privacy policies have been changing rapidly as people are getting their inboxes flooded with requests to view new terms and conditions. Developers are changing their privacy policies in order to comply with new laws regulating user privacy. The General Data and Protection Regulation is a recent law that gives users new data protection rights and organizations that don’t comply could be faced with significant fines.

The emails that companies have been sending out regarding their privacy policies contain important information to users so that they are aware of how their data is being used. The new law requires that companies have user consent in order to collect their data and that users should only be required to share data that is necessary to make their services work. If a company wants to use data that is not essential information then users can deny them consent.

Although companies will be fined for not complying with the law, most are trying to find ways to get consent to collect as much data as possible for advertising revenue. They may make it much easier to give consent than it is to opt out which is one way of persuading people to provide them with the data that they want. Some companies are even stating that continued use of their service implies consent which makes it difficult for users to say no.

It is important for users to understand when they are giving consent and what they are actually consenting to in order for the law to truly protect user privacy rights. Reading through emails and notifications before consenting to how their data is used is essential for every user. Make sure to be informed about your data protection rights and only give consent for essential information to be used by any particular service.